This Friday, Alan Seager (Co-Trustee & Secretary) will be visiting the schools following the end of another successful school year. One of the highlights of the trip will be a Graduation Ceremony for those students that are moving on from Year 4; it will be a special time for everyone involved.

The end of the school year always involves a degree of admin and report writing so this visit will involve carrying out teacher appraisals and helping to prepare end of year reports for both the students and teachers with Mrs Jallow (Head Teacher). As part of the individual teacher/employee appraisals at Sukuta, Alan will be discussing with them collectively about requirements for ongoing teaching equipment and resources. They will also finalise curriculum for Year 3 and any new pupils coming in to Year One. Alan will also look at the general condition of the building in advance of annual maintenance, following the school’s second full year in operation.

Now that the Sukata Nursery School is completed, Alan and the BASIG team have been focusing their efforts on the SOS Children’s Village High School in Bakoteh and the ongoing improvements that are necessary. The team plan to refurbish more of the classrooms as well as the admin block. Alan will be meeting with Mr Drammeh (principle of the School) to discuss these future plans.

Mummys Day Care Nursery also assisted by BASIG will be receiving continued funds to help with maintenance. Alan and the team will establish what resources are required and they will also report on the progress that is being made at the nursery.

The team would like to wish Alan well for his trip and we look forward to hearing all about it upon his return. Finally we would like to say a huge ‘congratulations’ to the graduates of 2014.