The trip started with an important stop at the Bank. The £4000 that we took over was changed (70 dalasi to the £) and then paid into the Nursery School’s bank account. We kept back some of the money changed to purchase 6 months worth of cleaning materials for the school .


It was great to see the work that had been completed at Mummy’s Day Care and also to see the new tables and chairs that had been donated by BASIG in action! A few maintenance jobs were on the list to complete whilst on this visit; one of the main jobs was to fix a badly leaking outside tap.


During this visit we had an important meeting about what to do if Ebola struck The Gambia. We put together a plan of action, with the main result being that if Ebola struck the area that we would have to shut down the schools until it was safe to re-open and we set about putting the correct protocol in place for the staff at the Nursery School to follow, should it happen. A worrying thought that we hope will never happen and our thoughts are with those who sadly have been affected by this terrible and fatal illness.


On a lighter note we went on to discuss  having a football kit/PE Kit for the children to use. The staff are going to work out some costings so that the school could supply the kit for the school children to use. We also hope that the children could partake in an African Dress Day. Not all the children will have such access to traditional dress but we thought that the children could wear their ‘best’ clothes and still be very much part of the day and the celebrations.


Mrs Jallow is keen for the children to be able to go out on some school field trips to enhance their education. Again costings are being looked into and we can then put a plan in place.


In regards to the local SOS School; classrooms 5 and 6, the carpentry work has been completed but the rooms are still to be painted.


It was a very pleasing trip and it is wonderful to report how the Martin Englefield Nursery School is kept in such great condition and loved by the staff and the children.


On our next trip in the Spring we will make sure that the school is registered as a Gambia Charity, because of the political situation in the Gambia this is something that we need to make sure is completed as soon as we can.