We are very happy to report that BASIG has been able to help a little boy, Saikou, who recently had an emergency hernia operation. It was spotted by one of our BASIG members, Pauline, who was visiting the Mrs Jallow’s school. She noticed that Saikou had a huge navel hernia and it was aggravating him. Pauline knew that Saikou would need an operation due to the size of the hernia and his obvious discomfort, so she called the clinic and found out how much the operation would cost and what needed to be done to get Saikou seen quickly.
Pauline got in touch with the trustees in regards to being able to help the little boy as the cost of the operation was too much for his family. BASIG offered to pay for this procedure as the Doctor expressed that this was an emergency and he needed to be operated on as soon as possible. Two days later he had his successful operation.
Saikou has made a full recovery and his family would like to express how truly thankful they are to everyone at BASIG and the supporters of the charity. The operation saved Saikou’s life and his mother and family are so very grateful to everyone involved in making Saikou better. ‘Build a School in Gambia’ is very much about helping those in need and we have been able to do this with your help – so thank you. You have made a difference…and what a difference that is.