Building the Nursery School in Sukuta

One million Dalasis was spent to realise the project and to build the Nursery School in Sukuta. It took two years to raise the money through various fundraising events in the UK. The building started in November 2011; a project with a combined team of English and Gambian members with a Grand Opening held in October 2012. The location was chosen because the board of trustees found out that most of the children in Sukuta were not attending school due to financial constraints. The school was built in Sukuta so that children can have access to early childhood education at no cost. Mrs Jallow was appointed to run the school as headmistress with two specialist nursery school teachers, Marie Sambou and Kering Bakering. We are also supporting Philomen Badjen who is studying at the SOS School for her English qualification before she moves into Teacher Training. Philomen also manages the cleaning and hygiene at the school.

BASIG is very grateful for all the help received from charity members, the workers who travelled from UK and all our other helpers both in the UK and The Gambia. Without their support the project would never have achieved its objective.