It’s that time of year again when the Trustees are planning their next visit to visit the school for the annual maintenance inspection and yearly appraisals. It’s important for the charity to make sure that the school is running well and if there are any issues with the building the team put a plan into place to get problems sorted quickly. The teacher appraisals will be carried out and the team will look at the past achievements from the year and any challenges that they have faced.

The Trustees are very much looking forward to taking the recently donated football kits to the children. They will be delighted and the team will make sure that they take lots of photographs of the kit in action!

As you may be aware, Julie Seager, Founder & Trustee of the charity, sadly passed away in December 2013. A plaque has been made in her memory and gives thanks to her drive to raise the funds to get the school built and to become fully operational. The plaque will be placed above the door for everyone to see when they enter the building.