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Build a school in Gambia is now sponsoring more than 250 children from poor backgrounds by giving them free access to education in our charity ru […]

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Alan and Mark visit

Alan seager and Mark Shepherd visit the Gambia in April. They have the chance to visit our partner Primary school at sanchaba Primary school, where we have 113 pupils who are all fully sponsored by the Build a School in the Gambia Charity. The also have a day with all the pupils at our Nursery […]

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Online Charity Auction May 2020

With our 2020 Golf Day and Dinner sadly cancelled due to the Covid-19  pandemic we decided to host an online auction on Friday 22nd May so you didn’t have to miss out on bidding for some FANTASTIC prizes!

A huge thank you to everyone who took part in our online auction on Friday 22nd May. A fantastic […]

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Enrolment Day 2019

Here are some photos of our new parents waiting to enrol their children for the first time at BASIG nursery school, ready to start the new year in September.

A total of 20 new children will enrol with 20 having graduated to ABBA primary school. Next year BASIG will support a total of 80 children at […]

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BASIG Celebrates Five Years!

This year marks the fifth anniversary of the charity so we had a party to celebrate. The children enjoyed a sports day followed by a party full of singing and dressing up in their tribal outfits.  However, the celebration was tinged with some sadness as our wonderful headteacher, Mrs Jallow, took the opportunity to announce […]

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2017 Golf Day & Dinner Raised £16000

Our event at Stoke by Nayland was a wonderful success with £16,000 being raised for the charity. Rain threatened most of the day but it did hold off for the main part with some light showers first thing.

The evening guests were entertained by Ronald Edward “Ron” Harris known by the nickname “Chopper”, a former English footballer […]

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Great Progress with the New Primary School Build

Building works continue on schedule with our joint venture at Abba. We have 11 of our graduating children starting primary school this week. We wish them all the very best success at their new school.


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Building Work Started on New School

Following the signing of our joint venture agreement with Abba Bi Lingual school last month we can inform you that our first BASIG graduates started primary school there on 1 August. As part of that agreement BASIG are to be funding the build of six additional classrooms, see images for quite impressive progress made in […]

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Joint Venture Agreement Signed

It was a long week but BASIG finally have a Joint Venture Agreement signed that will see all of our nursery school graduates attending Abba Bi Lingual primary school through to Year 6!
We are so pleased at the charity that we continue to make such a positive impact on the area and the lives of […]

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Generous Donation to Fund School for a YEAR!

This week the trustees and members of the Build a School in Gambia charity were completely overwhelmed having received a very generous donation of £5,000 from the charitable trust of the late Ruth Rendell. As Baroness Rendell of Babergh she would completely agree with the education of young people in Africa being of vital importance […]

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